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Beauty and the bike: The cyclist’s tan

Beauty and the bike: The cyclist’s tan

Cycling tan lines – badge of honor or fashion faux pas? :)

You can spot a cyclist on a beach a mile off. It’s not just the well-defined muscles. It’s the tan lines: mid-thigh, two thirds of the way up your arms and half way up your fingers. Meanwhile the whole body appears to be wearing a cycling kit in a color that can be best described as ‘milk bottle’.

Many of us wear our bike tan with pride! It’s a badge of honor that testifies to hours spent in the saddle. However, in summer and its associated garden parties, picnics and weddings, it can rapidly become the cyclist’s summertime nightmare.

Planning on wearing that strappy top? Cut off denim shorts? Posh frock for your friend’s big day? That ghostly shorts and jersey combo may not fit in with the stylish or sophisticated look you were going for. In fact any garment that is cut smaller than a cycling kit can rapidly become a fashion faux pas.

So slap on a good layer of sunblock every time you ride. This helps keep us the same shade we were born with, whatever the weather. It wards off wrinkles and protects us from UV damage. Hurrah!!!

But even with the most diligent of sunscreen applications, over time those tan lines begin to appear.

Also, some of us like to look tanned. Maybe it’s because it makes us look like we’ve just got back from an island vacation and so must be a bit hardcore, maybe it’s because tanned legs just seem to look longer and lither, maybe it’s because a lot of summer clothing seems to look better on tanned skin.

No matter the tan lines, the events we attend for just a one night, we, cyclist, are all proud and we wear our fashion faux pas with honor `cose we`ve got miles and many hours to spend in the saddle on this hot cruel summer!

So, we always come to focus on the bright tan side of picture and just enjoy the ride!!! :)

Have a great summer and looong miles of cycling in the most unexpected places discovering and exploring wild or urban life!