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Discover Devetashka Cave - one of the most spectacular tourist attractions in Bulgaria

Discover Devetashka Cave - one of the most spectacular tourist attractions in Bulgaria

This summer looks to be the hottest of all times...

Our thoughts run to nature escapes, cycling in the forests, at the tree shades, along side cold rivers. 

If you feel the same, we`ve got some inspiring cycling trails for you, where you`ll discover some of the most interesting touristic objectives. 

Today we recomend you two cycling trails in Bulgaria - (1) Plevna & (2) Nicopole, around which you`ll find one of the most beautiful and impressive caves from Europe - Devetashka 

Devetashka Cave is a karst cave located about 7 km west of Letnita and 15 km northeast of Loveci, near the village of Devetaki, on the east bank of the Osam River in Bulgaria. The cave was inhabited by prehistoric people. Currently it hosts a colony of almost 30,000 bats.

Devetashka, the cave of impressive dimensions, is also known by the local names of Oknata or Maarata and is distinguished by its special shape, which includes 7 holes of different sizes in the ceiling of the cave.

It is currently part of a public park that also includes a waterfall. Formed by the dissolution of soluble rocks, the cave contains sinkholes, an underground river, numerous streams, stalactites, stalagmites and majestic domes. The entrance is 35 m wide and 30 m high. The cave widens after 40 m, forming a spacious room with an area of ​​2,400 m² and a height of 60 m. Several openings in the ceiling allow natural light to enter the interior.

Discovered in 1921, excavations began in 1950 and revealed continuous human occupation since the Paleolithic. The oldest traces of human presence date back to the Middle Paleolithic, about 70,000 years ago. Also here was discovered a rich source of objects from the Neolithic period 6,000 - 4,000 BC.

Devetashka Cave hosts specimens of 15 species of bats, and during the breeding season (in June and July), it is closed, precisely to protect the colonies of bats and their breeding process.

Devetashka can be visited from 8:00 to 20:00, (except June and July), and the access ticket costs 3 levs / person.



If you go from Bucharest to Devetashka, you will have a distance of 212 kilometers, so a journey of almost 3 and a half hours. From Ruse there are 136 kilometers to Devetashka, you will pass through Aleksandrovo and you will stop in the vicinity of Devetaki village in Loveci commune.

The cave is located about two kilometers from the village of Devetaki. It is accessible from the National Road 301 through an unpaved road of about 400 meters and a concrete bridge.


What to visit near Devetashka

If you are planning to explore the surroundings of Devetashka Cave, there are a number of attractions you can consider.

Krushuna Waterfalls are 16 kilometers from Devetashka and are among the main tourist attractions in the area. You will find parking nearby, but also terraces and other facilities, and to reach the beautiful waterfalls, you must follow the red route.

Stalbitsata Cave can be visited after about 35 minutes from Devetashka. It can be accessed in one way, namely a fairly generous row of steps that descends into its only gallery. The cave is very beautiful and has at its end a rock where you can see really special formations, but you must benefit of sun light, as the cave is not artificially lit and the only source of light is through the access point.

The city of Lovech is about a 20 km drive from Devetashka, being one of the places where you could spend a night before heading to other attractions in this area of ​​Bulgaria. You can visit the Lovech Fortress, but also the Covered Bridge or the Zoo.