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We`re OPEN! `Danube on 2 Wheels` touristic centres for enthusiastic and active tourists

We`re OPEN! `Danube on 2 Wheels` touristic centres for enthusiastic and active tourists

Through `Danube on 2 Wheels` project, we created touristic centres both in Romania (Calarasi) and Bulgaria (Belogradchik – Vidin) for enthusiastic and active tourists, in order to promote and develop the integrated tourism products of the project, focused on on-road and off-road cycling adventures, connecting, where the border permits, the routes from Romania and Bulgaria.

The tourist centres act as a buffer between the beneficiaries of the project and enthusiastic tourists who want to explore and discover the beauty of the CBC area, with its historical and cultural relevance, as well as the natural areas (parks, nature reserves, forests etc.), through the cycling routes identified during the project implementation. Both centres have the role to promote all the almost 60 cycling trails (on-road & off-road) identified by the project beneficiaries in the Romanian-Bulgarian cross-border area.

At the tourist centres can be found, in the period of sustainability of the project, a series of cycling equipment, with a demonstrative character for tourists who will cross the threshold of the centres. The entire equipment will be available free of charge for those tourists interested. The headquarters of both beneficiaries are open for active tourists, interested in the cycling trails, who want to find out more details regarding the cycling itineraries from the cross-border area and also to make use of the cycling equipment.

All the specific equipment purchased will serve in the next period enthusiastic tourists, nature lovers, from both countries, in all the future events to be organized or at which we`ll participate as partners.

The new integrated tourism products promote a new way of making tourism that is green, taking in concern the fact that it doesn’t have any negative impact on the environment and also is healthy due to the cycling activities.

The two operational tourist centres are located in Romania, at the headquarters of the ACTIS Association, in Calarasi, 50B Republicii Blvd, as well as in Bulgaria, at the headquarters of Belogradchik Municipality, in Vidin district. Here, all the interested people can come to find out details about the cycling trails identified within `Danube on 2 Wheels` project implementation period. Also, tourists can request to make use of the project`s equipment, in order to visit touristic objectives identified on the cycling routes from the CBC area.

On these cycling routes from Romanian-Bulgarian cross-border area was identified a series of attractive tourist objectives, heritage objectives, spaces of leisure (picnic, camping, long, sandy beaches etc.), structures of accommodation, resorts, as well as restaurants in the area. All this information will be made available to tourists when visiting our centres from Calarasi and Belogradchik.

These centres are today fully operational, offering information, materials, guidance and bikes. The tourist centres are and will remain in the sustainable period of the project the main tourist information points for the people who want to discover the cycling tours identified in the Romanian-Bulgarian cross-border area.