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Cycling is one of the most sustainable forms of sports, recreation and touristic activities. Promoting cycling tourism and creating touristic packages exclusively for cycling-enthusiasts, is a good basis for developing a sustainable, smart and inclusive society.

Discover Romania's hidden beauties on 2 wheels


Bike routes are ideal for exploring unknown and very special areas due to their terrestrial and water ecosystems, to discover an extremely rich and diverse nature. Join us alone or accompanied by friends who share your passion for cycling and exploration.


The "Danube on 2 wheels" project means great places and beautiful people, adventure and fun, friendship and endless stories.

Want to escape from the crowded city and enjoy the beauty of nature? Then we suggest a bicycle trip to the heart of nature on the banks of the Danube River. You have a lot of options through the project that I developed exclusively for you - the adventurer, the outdoors lover! Choose one of the most beautiful and exciting routes I have prepared for you to discover, whether you are living alone or with your dear family or friends.

Through our project, we invite you to discover some of the most beautiful cycling routes along the Danube. The Romanian-Bulgarian cross-border area, where we have identified over 3,600 kilometers of trails, is perfect for cycling and we guarantee that you will have fun on our excursions.

"Danube on 2 wheels" is a project that adds to the beginning of the adventure, cycling and nature enthusiasts, on about 60 bicycle routes identified on the Romanian and Bulgarian shores. On these routes, cyclists will discover a special, magnificent land with stunning biodiversity.

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Paralympic medal: Romania's minister of Youth and sports, Carol-Eduard Novak, sets world record

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Redescoperim Dunărea în zona Teleorman

Redescoperim Dunărea în zona Teleorman

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Join us in our adventures to find all the fun opportunities, to make friends and to pedal on unique cycling routes. The routes are intended for beginners, families with children and professionals.

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Want to escape from the crowded city and enjoy peaceful quality time in the middle of nature? Join us in our cycling adventures to discover and explore breathtaking landscapes with mesmerizing scenery along Danube River. Choose one of our cycling trails now and prepare for a unique adventure!

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