„Danube on 2 Wheels” Tourist Center ( „Sport for you and me – Sports Club Canoeing” Association - Belogradchik)

Discover the uniqueness and diversity of ecotourism destination on the shores of Danube, by riding a bike!

If you like to travel, to discover new places, to see the world from a totally different perspective compared to the conventional tourist offers, if you like the unaltered beauty, in a continuous change and always spectacular, given by nature, if you want to meet new people, if you want to visit the banks of the Danube in a unique way, then joining our cycling adventure is one of the most beautiful things you could do in life, for your soul and mind!

We invite you to explore some of the most beautiful cycling trails, where you will discover fascinating landscapes, with an exceptional biodiversity, where you will find some of the most spectacular natural, historical and cultural tourist attractions.

For all adventurous tourists, lovers of outdoor movement and unaltered nature, we opened the `Danube on 2 Wheels` Tourist Center in Belogradchik, located at the Sport Hall Belogradchik headquarters in Belogradchik city from Vidin district.

If you want to discover some of the most beautiful cycling trails located on the banks of Danube, to explore the lands from the northern part of Bulgaria, filled with history, culture and civilization, we invite you to visit us at the Tourist center.

We look forward to meet you and tell you all about our project and to establish together the destination of our next adventure in nature - Cycling Adventure in CBC area -, using road or off-road bicycles and safety equipment.

The tourist package offered free of charge means cycling routes, information about the tourist objectives in the area chosen to be travelled, free equipment available for the adventure in nature and an organizing team, which will coordinate the group of tourists safely on the route.


What do you need to do to benefit from the Cycling Adventure in the CBC area tourist package ?

- registration for this tourist package is FREE        

- registration is made exclusively by e-mail/ phone (see section Contact from below)  

- registration / tourist package is made within the available places         

- details about the adventure in nature will be agreed with the Organizer 

OBS.: A total of 20 places/ tourist package available.

The registration process is as follows: the intention to participate in the adventure is announced; contact details are communicated; after gathering the limit number of participants, the Organizer establishes a date / period and the route that will be communicated to the participants; to the extent that all tourists who have indicated their intention to benefit from the package tourist agree with the proposals made by the Organizer, the latest details are established and REGULATION is presented to departure on the adventure.


Meeting place on the day of the adventure in nature:

On the day of departure, the meeting place will be at the Tourist Center, where all guests will present their IDs, will sign a number of documents to validate the enrolment (Declaration in case of accident, attendance listminute of delivery equipment) and will participate in a brief technical meeting, in which are presented the route, some details and peculiarities about it and Rules of participation.

At return, all equipment used by tourists will be returned to the Organizer at the Tourist center, according to previously agreed with it.


ATTENTION: The Cycling Adventure in CBC area tourist package is intended exclusively for people who know how to ride a bicycle (including parents / guardians who know how to ride a bike and take full responsibility for the children who accompany them).

Any accident in which the participants are involved, occurred during the event, due to non-compliance with the rules of the Organizer and those of civic conduct, will be the responsibility of those involved in the accident.

Participants are responsible for participating in the adventure, the Organizer does not assume any obligation if any of them gets hurt or injured, or other consequences that may arise from participation.

The organizer does not assume responsibility for objects lost or forgotten on the route during the adventure.

The organizer reserves the right to change the location of the adventure at any time, with the obligation to notify the changes in advance.

The organizer reserves the right to cancel/postpone the scheduled adventure in exceptional cases, provided that all participants are notified in advance. In case of unfavourable weather conditions and/or other special conditions, the Organizer reserves the right to stop the adventure or to change the time barriers. In case of force majeure, we understand the events that could influence the good development of the adventure, such as: major floods, natural disasters or major events that cause the Organizer to cancel the scheduled adventure.


Equipment available free of charge for tourists:

- asphalt (road) bicycles;

- MTB (off-road) bicycles;

- bicycles with strollers for children under 4 years old;

- bicycles for children older than 4 years;

- bicycles for people with disabilities (hand-cycles and bicycles with special strollers);

- safety and technical equipment for repairing bicycles.

OBS .: The equipment is purchased within the `Danube on 2 Wheels` project, reason for which it can be handed to the tourists EXCLUSIVELY within the adventures organized by the beneficiaries of the project through the developed tourist package - Cycling Adventure in CBC area.

The equipment will be delivered on the day and at the time specified by the Organizer. The participants assume responsibility for the equipment received in the adventure, the loss/damage of any of the equipment automatically leading to the payment of its value or purchase of one identical/with the same technical specifications as the lost/damaged one.



For details on the tour package, available equipment and other information on the `Danube on 2 Wheels` project, please contact us at:

Tel.: +359 88 815 2905 (Stanislav Sashev Stoichkov)

E-mail: sport_kayak@abv.bg (`Sport for you and me – Sports Club Canoeing` Association project partner)

"Danube on 2 Wheels" Tourist Center address: Belogradchik city, 31 P. Yavorov (at the headquarters of Sport Hall – Belogradchik), Vidin district, Bulgaria