About the project

"Danube on 2 wheels" aims to be a pilot project by creating cycling packages. Basically, the aim of the project is to lay the foundations for their future development through the organization of permanent cycling mass events for sports and recreational enthusiasts in order to promote sustainable natural heritage in the Romania - Bulgaria cross - border area through ecotourism.

The Danube on 2 wheels project aims at developing tourism in the Romanian-Bulgarian cross-border area along the Danube, exploiting the natural potential of the area by promoting an environmentally friendly and healthy environment and a clean climate for citizens and guests, while preserving values cultural and natural, ensuring sustainable regional development, as well as opportunities for practicing "green" tourism in the region.

The Danube on 2 wheels project is implemented in partnership by three non-governmental organizations in Romania and Bulgaria, as follows:

Main Beneficiary - Project Leader: AISSER Calarasi Association

Contact person - Andrei Stefan STOIAN, president

Address: Republic Boulevard, nr. 50B, Calarasi, Romania

Phone: 0371 / 015.145

E-mail: office@aisser.ro

Website: www.aisser.ro

Facebook Account: www.facebook.com/AISSERCalarasi/

The aim of the Association is to lead projects that contribute to economic, social, educational, cultural, ecological and tourism development in the local and regional community, especially in the Lower Danube area, and to support all forms of economic and social, multicultural and sporting cooperation between the two neighboring countries, Romania and Bulgaria.


Beneficiary 2 - "Sports for you and me" Association Vidin

Contact person: Stanislav Sashev Stoichkov, president

Address: Street "Arda", no. 8, Kula, Vidin, Bulgaria

Phone: + 359888152905 / + 35929202010

E-mail: sport_kayak@abv.bg

Website: www.sportzatebimen.com

The association "Sport for me and you" has as a field of activity the development, validation and promotion of practical sports. The association promotes cooperation at all levels: cross-border, regional, interregional, transnational and local. It also promotes smart, sustainable and inclusive development and protection of cross-border identity. The Association develops sports competitions and organizes pilot events to promote the improvement of conservation capacity and the sustainable use of natural, historical and cultural heritage in cross-border regions.

"Sport for me and you" has gained professional experience through the implementation of 10 projects aimed at promoting sport. At the same time, it organized events that stimulate inclusive growth and the sustainable development of rural areas. It has also been involved in exchanging experiences between young people and workshops aimed at encouraging a healthy lifestyle and promoting natural heritage resources. The sports club will support the project activities by offering professional athletes and enthusiasts to support attractive cross-border competition. The club is registered in the National Register of Sports Organizations and member of the Bulgarian Canoe Federation and the Bulgarian Bodybuilding Federation.


Beneficiary 3 - ACTIS Club Sports Association

Contact person: Daniel Banateanu, president

Address: Republic Boulevard, nr. 50B, Calarasi, Romania

Phone: 0722 / 468.038

E-mail: office@actisclub.ro

Website: www.actisclub.ro

ACTIS Club Sports Association was established in 2015 with the purpose of organizing and managing sporting and recreational activities, promoting sport, practicing it by its members and all age groups of amateurs as well as participation in sports activities and competitions .

In fact, the association aims to develop a mass sports culture and to develop experience and fun projects in which people who participate in events, from children to young people, parents and grandparents, even be able to do sports, not just to hear about its benefits.

Project description

The Danube on 2 wheels project, code ROBG 277, is funded under the INTERREG 5-A Romania-Bulgaria Program, Call 3, under Axis 2 - "A Green Region".

Target group of the project

The target group of the project is represented by both amateur and professional cyclists, enthusiasts, cycling enthusiasts (young people, adults, families, people with disabilities).

Cycling is a sport practiced by an increasing number of people, regardless of age and social status. It is a form of recreational tourism that produces many positive results: it is environmentally friendly, promotes a healthy lifestyle and uses low cost means of transport.

As an important tourist product, cycling is also economically interesting. An increasing number of domestic and foreign tourists opt for active holidays, which leads to an increased demand for integrated cycling packages.

Those who venture to go through one of our bicycle routes will certainly be delighted and will not regret the decision made. They will experience unprecedented experiences and wonderful landscapes, recharge their batteries, feeding pure, positive energy from nature.

So the project "Danube on 2 wheels" is dedicated to the following categories of people:

• Those who understand the urgent discovery of nature by direct means;

• those who need fresh air and little dynamism in their lives;

• Those who are not afraid of adventure, unexpected, unknown;

• those who choose to live the beauty of wild places directly through the filters of their own senses;

• Those who can give up mobile phones, laptops, to the detriment of real socialization, inspiring clean air, admiring nature in all its forms;

• those who dare to embrace the unespected

In order to attract as many participants as possible to bicycle events, sports equipment was purchased for beginners or professionals, families with children as well as disabled people.

Project duration - 18 months - August 2018 - February 2020

Place of project implementation

The place of implementation of the project is represented by the entire cross-border region Romania - Bulgaria:

• seven counties in Romania: Mehedinti, Dolj, Olt, Teleorman, Giurgiu, Calarasi, Constanta;

• eight districts in Bulgaria: Vidin, Vratsa, Montana, Pleven, Veliko Tarnovo, Ruse, Silistra, Dobrich.

"Danube on 2 wheels" is an ambitious, well-defined project: the landing of Romania and Bulgaria, related to the natural border of the Danube river, on the international map of cycling.

The main objective of the project

The main objective is to create a new integrated tourist product for amateur adventure tourists - cyclotourism routes for beginners, advanced, families and people with disabilities - in order to facilitate better use of shared tourism potential.

At the same time, new tourism products will support the region's sustainable economic, cultural and social development.

Specific objectives of the project

Purchasing specific equipment for cycling routes and organizing cycling:

- Bikes for beginners and advanced;

- Trakking and mountain bike bikes;

- bicycles for children;

- bicycles for people with disabilities;

- safety accessories;

- Vehicles for the transport of sports event logistics materials.

Organization of pilot actions

Through the project, three new integrated cyclotourism products have been created for asphalt, off road and leisure expeditions for beginners, advanced, families and people with disabilities.

In the cross-border area, both in Romania and in Bulgaria, pilot actions for the tourist packages offered through the project will be organized. The events will be of several types, one day for beginner cyclists and two to three days for professional cyclists. During these events, accommodation and meals will be provided for the participants (Attention! Accommodation and meals will be provided within the ceiling established by the project).

In total, 12 pilot actions will be organized in the eligible area of ​​the program using purchased sports equipment to promote new tourism products:

-  4 experimental adventure trips with asphalt bikes (trip duration: 3 days);

- 4 experimental adventure trips with off-road bikes (trip duration: 3 days);

- 2 experimental trips for families with children (trip duration: 3 days);

- 2 experimental tours for people with disabilities and their personal assistants (trip duration: 3 days).

The expected results of the project are as follows:

• integrated tourism products that focus on attracting holidaymakers, families of friends and colleagues, adventure enthusiasts on weekends and holidays. Also, tourism products will be for children, as well as for people with disabilities;

• three new integrated bicycle products for asphalt, off road and leisure expeditions for beginners, advanced, families and disabled people;

• 2 strategies / studies to improve the sustainable use of natural and cultural heritage:

- a common strategy for identifying tourist routes on the Danube and exploring natural and cultural heritage. The strategy includes specific resources for the promotion and development of natural tourism (national and natural parks, thermal springs, forests and areas with special natural beauty, etc.) and cultural tourism (single value heritage buildings, archaeological sites, historical and artistic monuments , festivals, etc.);

- a common strategy for the promotion of integrated tourism products, including the attractiveness of the cross-border area covered by the project. The strategy includes: a network for the promotion of integrated tourism products, participation in national tourism fairs both in Romania and Bulgaria, for the promotion of integrated tourism products;

• Promotional materials (roll-ups, flyers, brochures, diaries, eco pens, memory sticks, keychains);

• Website for the promotion of integrated tourism products;

• mobile application for those interested to access the bicycle routes from the eligible area of ​​the project directly from the mobile phone, including useful information such as: route instructions, route pictures, accommodation, campsites, restaurants, stops, etc. ;

• promotion on social networks (Facebook and Instagram);

• Interactive map where interactive tours can be viewed in an interactive way, which will be directly linked to the presentation page and the mobile application;

• 12 pilot actions in the eligible area of ​​the program, which you find detailed above.

• 2 points of cycling, one on each side of the border

• 5,600 overnight accommodation in the region